Pacify, a new multiplayer horror game coming to Steam February 2019

Pacify Multiplayer Horror Video Game
Pacify multiplayer horror game

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New fast-paced multiplayer horror game, Pacify, to be released on Steam for PC and Mac February 2019.

After watching many many great game play videos of Emily Wants to Play, it was obvious that our fans would enjoy a horror game that they can play with their friends. It seemed that the only thing better than being scared yourself was watching and hearing your friend’s terrified screams!

In Pacify, you will be able to play with up to 3 of your friends for a total of 4 players. You will also be able to play in either cooperative or competitive mode with those players. Players will explore a creepy mansion and learn about its rumored past while collecting evidence, items and trying to survive. Players will have the opinion to even play as single player, however, that will be a much harder task.

We are excited to bring something new to PC and Mac and have plans for console release to follow soon. We appreciate the continued support!

P.S. There will be an Emily Wants to Play 3!

Emily Wants to Play Too releases on Mobile (iOS and Android)

Emily Wants to Play Too is now on mobile.
Emily Wants to Play Too is now on mobile.

Emily Wants to Play Too was released on mobile devices today (September 7, 2018).

iOS App Store iPhone iPad
Emily Wants to Play Too on iOS (iPhone iPad)

Android Google Play
Emily Wants to Play Too on Android

Emily Wants to Play Too is available now on Xbox One

Emily Wants to Play Too is now live on Xbox One. This is the new creepy sequel to Emily Wants to Play. You play as a young sandwich delivery guy. He needs to deliver a sandwich order to an office building, but he is in for one of the scariest nights of his life. Emily Wants to Play too is bigger, better, and scarier with more story about Emily. The old dolls and Emily are back plus a new scary baby doll, a jack-in-the-box and a creepy mannequin. Have fun trying to use your wits to survive Emily’s creepy games.

Download today:


Emily Wants to Play in Virtual Reality

Emily Wants to Play in VR

I have no idea why this has been requested, but many have wanted to play Emily Wants to Play in Virtual Reality. So I went ahead and updated the game to work with HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Some users had already been capable enough to get the game working in VR already, but I have adjusted everything and now it works great in both major VR platforms.

You can download the game for VR now through Steam: and in the future it will hopefully be on the Vive and Oculus stores.

Links to the various updates it has gone through:
Why would you play Emily Wants to Play in VR?

Huge VR update, HTC Vive users now have hands

More VR Goodness

Emily Wants to Play on your Android device

Emily Wants to Play has now been ported to Android. It can be purchased on Google Play. It is extremely hard to support all of the different Android devices. It is set in a 3D world, so lesser devices will not play the game correctly. It definitely works great on newer more powerful devices. To make sure customers do not pay for something that they cannot play, I have included a free version of Emily Wants to Play on Google Play as well. The free version will not allow you to access every area and you cannot win the game or even survive midnight. If the free version works on your phone or tablet then the paid version will work as well.

Emily Wants to Play released date on Android: 02/02/2016

Emily Wants to Play on Google Play

Free Demo of Emily Wants to Play on Google Play

Below is a list of known compatible Android devices. Comparable devices to the list below will probably play Emily Wants To Play correctly.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Kindle Fire HDX
HTC Nexus 9
Nvidia Shield Tablet
Sony Xperia Z2
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Iconia Tab

Emily Wants to Play released on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

I was able to bring Emily to the iPhone and iPad. It was complicated and took a lot of optimization, but I finally have the game working great on newer devices. One difference from the PC version is the lights are out for the entire game. But Emily is here to help and happily gives you a flashlight right away. She wants to make sure that you can still play.

Emily Wants to Play release date for the App Store for the iPhone and iPad 01/31/2016. It is a game set in a 3D world, so it works best on newer devices. The app description includes all devices it is currently working on.

Emily Wants to Play on the App Store

Emily Wants to Play released on Steam for PC and Mac

Emily Wants to Play on Steam for PC and Mac

It’s 11pm, and you are at the last house on your route. The lights are on, and the front door is opened. But, the windows are all boarded up and the grass is overgrown. It seems like a strange place to deliver a pizza, but at least, it looks like someone is home.

You run to the front door since it’s storming pretty bad.

“Hello!? Your pizza’s here!” You announce. No one answers. There’s an eerie silence.

You are getting soaked from the rain, so you hesitantly step inside the door and look around. The front door suddenly closes behind you.

You just wanted to finish this last delivery and head home for the night. Now you must figure out how to get out of this stupid creepy house.

Freely roam the house and try to figure out what is going on. Three dolls and a strange girl named Emily will also start roaming the house as the hours toll by. Stay away from them, but if you do end up in a room with one, figure out how to stay alive.

This may be your last pizza delivery.